Spiny Lobster

Lunch at the Spiny lobster was truly delicious and we’d strongly recommend a visit next time you have a craving for seafood. We were welcomed by the lovely F.O.H staff and settled at our table in the middle of a busy Tuesday service. To say we were spoilt for choice was an under statement, but luckily for us we had David, Emma and Charlie on hand to make the tough decisions of ‘what to order’ for us. To start, always my favourite, roasted scallops with garlic butter (which tasted just as good as you are imagining), the largest fresh prawns I’ve seen in a long time served simply with olive oil and sea salt, then crisp fried cuttlefish and aioli. A whole Grey mullet and a John dory followed with polenta chips, mustard greens and the house special mashed peas (these really are a must order, so simple but the tastiest peas I’ve ever eaten); the charcoal Josper grill really does cook the fish to perfection. It was a real treat and lovely to enjoy a spiny gin and tonic in its home environment next to such an amazing selection of seafood.
Spiny Gin
Coriander seed
Angelica root
Fennel seed
Pink peppercorn
Lemon zest
Served with Mediterranean tonic, lemon and a sprig of rosemary.
‘Since stocking our wonderful gin from Psychopomp the feedback has been more than positive from the staff and customers alike. When Danny arrived at the Spiny Lobster we were very keen to get a gin that represented our ever popular dishes as well as it being a very refreshing taste for our customers to enjoy. We took the key ingredients that go alongside our beautiful fish and incorporated them into what we think is a very
drinkable gin. Tastes of lemon, rosemary, fennel and pink peppercorns shine through without the gin being too overpowering. The taste is clean, crisp and something that can be enjoyed by our customers as an aperitif or to accompany their meal. We were lucky enough to get our first batch in November and as Christmas crept closer the bottles were flying off the shelves for people to enjoy over the festive period or for a great present to give
to a loved one. Our staff were also very keen to buy it and most of them bought a bottle each as well! We sold so many in fact we ordered another batch in January!
We have no doubt that the gin will continue to be a great seller and we thank Psychopomp for producing a product for us that is unique and something that can’t be found anywhere else!’
Emma, Manager of The Spiny Lobster


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