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Building a Bazaar not a Cathedral*

Both of our distilleries, Psychopomp Micro-distillery and Circumstance Distillery, run almost entirely on open-source software. It has been this way from the beginning . In fact, the philosophy of open source permeates most of what we do.     The idea of ‘open source' originated in software and that is where the term is most familiar. In essence, software is open source when the source code is freely available. This means anyone can use, modify and re-distribute the software. I have always been inspired by the open-source model for 4 principal reasons.  The first reason is that there is nowhere to hide. If there is an error in the software, if it’s insecure, or contains malicious code, it can be found. The source code is freely available. This means open source projects are generally more trustworthy.   The second reason is that open-source projects are based on collaboration.. There is a recognition that the intelligence of the community is greater than that of any indivi

The Blog Off!

We started blogging a while back, but as a growing business there are seldom enough hours in the day or days in the week so things like blogs get pushed to the bottom of the to do list. But, as a growing business things like social media and blog content are an important way of telling our story so we are going to try and get a bit more active. The team are going to take it in turns to get writing, so the next few blogs will hopefully be interesting, varied and give a little insight into the Psychopomp & Circumstance family and the things we get passionate about. Or it could just be the random incoherent waffling of five people who all happen to make booze together. We are going first in first up, so Liam is up to bat, followed by Danny, Mark, Steph and Matt. Happy reading. Team Pomp