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Distillers Table - 'Negroni'

We are big Negroni fans in the distillery so it felt only right to dedicate one of our Distillers Table events to the classic drink. As with most classics there are lots of great stories attached to its creation and a natural evolution from other drinks. We used this as our inspiration this month and decided to serve 4 drinks from different stages in the story. Americano So said first served in the 1860s the drink was originally known as the ‘Milano-Torino’ because of its ingredients (Campari from Milan and Punt e Mas Vermouth from Turin). Soda was then added and the name of the drink changed to pay homage to Primo Carnera the first Italian (and non American) to win the world heavyweight championships in U.S.A. in 1933. Ours was served with a classic style bitter, Berto from Italian producers Quaglia and Del professore Rosso vermouth created with the Jerry Thomas project in Rome. Served long in a highball, topped with soda and garnished with a lemon wheel. Sbagliato In Italian ‘S

Where we've been shopping

Liam Bristol Wood recycling project, St Philips A timber yard and Woodshop that is manned by volunteers and stacked with reclaimed wood from Bristol and beyond. All the wood at the distillery is from the BWRP. I love the used scaffold boards. Playfull Toyshop, Gloucester Road A magical little toy shop specialising in wooden toys. A great place to pick up presents for small children. Their toys and books are obviously carefully selected and all great quality. STÎL Homeware in Fox and Feather, Gloucester road. We bought a couple of lamps from them recently, and spent ages browsing. They have a great selection of Scandi inspired stuff. Danny Brockley Stores My favorite gin delivery is the one out to Brockley stores, I always come back with boot full of awesome goodies. Rob and his team are super friendly and have a great selection of fre