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'Monker's Garkel' the world's first AI gin

We launched the world's first AI gin in November, a collaboration between Circumstance Distillery, Tiny Giant and Rewrite digital. Here we ask Liam and 'Ginette' (the Artificial intelligence created to design the world's first AI gin) a few questions about the process. First of all can you explain a little about ‘Artificial intelligence’ Liam: Artificial intelligence is using computers where human intelligence is normally required. The computer has the ability to acquire knowledge and apply it. AI is still in its infancy. Its not about to take over distilling spirits, let alone the world. Ginette: As a general definition, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to machines that can perform tasks that are beyond the human capabilities. These machines are able to act intelligently and autonomously. These machines have no specific skills or mental capabilities but can learn and interact with the human environment by making connections to what the human has learned.