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What a difference a year makes!

51 weeks ago we opened the doors to Circumstance, to introduce the world
to a little project that had been several years in the making. We had
one hell of a party, over 200 people came to join us, Eatchu served up
some tasty dumplings and Messrs Scott and Keegan knocked out copious
amounts of gin and tonic from the makeshift pallet bar. We launched
C.D.T. (Circumstance Distillery Tokens) and some lucky customers got
their hands on some limited edition playing cards to mark the occasion.

Once we had sorted out the hangovers and cleaned up after the party, it
was time to get Circumstance fully up and running. Over the past year we
have had a whole lot of firsts, fermented our first mash, distilled our
first wash, filled our first casks and launched our first products. It
has been a super steep learning curve and it's been a hell of a lot of
fun! Time has flown by, but we have also managed to achieve a lot in 12
months. As well as releasing Barley, Cane and Mixed Grain we have been