What a difference a year makes!

51 weeks ago we opened the doors to Circumstance, to introduce the world
to a little project that had been several years in the making. We had
one hell of a party, over 200 people came to join us, Eatchu served up
some tasty dumplings and Messrs Scott and Keegan knocked out copious
amounts of gin and tonic from the makeshift pallet bar. We launched
C.D.T. (Circumstance Distillery Tokens) and some lucky customers got
their hands on some limited edition playing cards to mark the occasion.

Once we had sorted out the hangovers and cleaned up after the party, it
was time to get Circumstance fully up and running. Over the past year we
have had a whole lot of firsts, fermented our first mash, distilled our
first wash, filled our first casks and launched our first products. It
has been a super steep learning curve and it's been a hell of a lot of
fun! Time has flown by, but we have also managed to achieve a lot in 12
months. As well as releasing Barley, Cane and Mixed Grain we have been
fermenting rye, wheat, oats, smoked malts and even rice. We have been
working with different yeast to bring more flavor through the ferments
and exploring maturation techniques to add some interesting wood notes
to the distillates.

So, to celebrate the last year and to mark the occasion, we are opening
the doors up again for another party. Unlike the launch party, this time
there will be a lot more things to taste. As well as tasting the current
releases, we are launching two more spirits at the party, so guests will
get the first chance to pick up some bottles. We will also be opening up
barrels and tasting everything we have made so far. There will be 14
spirits available for tasting, the fine folk at The Little Taquero will
be on hand serving up tacos, a special celebrity guest DJ will be
spinning some fun tunes and we will have a pop up highball bar providing
the refreshment.

"Circumstace - 1 year on" is happening on Thursday September 5th from
6pm-9pm. Tickets are £5 and include 5 spirit samples. We are really
excited to show you what we have been up to, and post party, once I've
dealt with my hangover and drank enough coffee, I'll update my blog post
with how it all went.

Danny out.


  1. So glad you guys are doing so well, gutted I won't be able to make it down as I would love to drunken rugby tackle you again outside temple meads, so I have to just wish you all the best and a cheers to another great year in the future from Scotland.. And a very old brannigans newb

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