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In our first full year of production we have released four very different spirits. All are based on different whole grain cereals with the exception of our Mixed Grain. We call each “Grain Spirit.” Why not whisk(e)y? Simple; it isn’t old enough yet. We have also produced a white rum but more on that in another post. According to EU law a whisk(e)y is a spirit drink derived from the: - distillation of a mash made from malted cereals with or without whole grains of other cereals, which has been: saccharified by the diastase of the malt contained therein, with or without other natural enzymes, fermented by the action of yeast; - one or more distillations at less than 94.8% abv, so that the distillate has an aroma and taste derived from the raw materials used, - maturation of the final distillate for at least three years in wooden casks not exceeding 700 litres capacity. There’s a bit more regarding minimum alcoholic strength, the addition of alcohol and sweeteners but the las