Trio of gin drinks

You will have noticed that we only serve three types of drinks in the distillery; Gin & tonic, Martini and Negroni. Its not just because we like to keep things simple (although we do) its because to us these are the holy trinity of gin drinks.

Gin and Tonic

Arguably the most popular way to drink gin and possibly the most famous booze pairing ever.
Everyone's recipe varies according to taste but in the distillery we serve ours: 50ml gin, 100ml tonic, in a tall glass with a long stick of ice and garnished with fresh citrus.

The history of the G&T really begins with British colonial India, when the British troops would mix their medicinal quinine with their gin ration to make it more palatable. The rise of the G&T as a drink can clearly be traced back to the early days of Queen Victoria and the return of the expatriates from the Indian colonies who had developed a love for the concoction.


Made with gin and vermouth, the Martini is arguably one of the most famous c…

Distillers Table - 'Summer'

Summer invokes memories to many of visits to the beach, sunny holidays and of course ice cream but it also reminds me of childhood picnics with my family. So with that in mind I created this months drinks with some nostalgic English picnic inspiration.

#1. I wanted to start on something light, fresh and floral so started with a classic French 75 recipe. Elderflower grew everywhere where I was a child and feels like a classic summer ingredient so I swapped the simple syrup for a home made elderflower one instead. Small bar gin (green cardamom, elderflower and lemon zest) was the gin for the job with it fresh green and floral notes. Then 50/50 fresh grapefruit and lemon juice and topped with Mumm champagne. Served alongside a classic cheese and cucumber sarnie on sliced white bread!

#2. Robinson's squash was a staple in our picnics when I was young so I wanted to make an adult version for the second drink. I started by making a triple citrus shrub (orange, lemon and grapefruit). Un…

Distillers Table - 'Negroni'

We are big Negroni fans in the distillery so it felt only right to dedicate one of our Distillers Table events to the classic drink. As with most classics there are lots of great stories attached to its creation and a natural evolution from other drinks. We used this as our inspiration this month and decided to serve 4 drinks from different stages in the story.

So said first served in the 1860s the drink was originally known as the ‘Milano-Torino’ because of its ingredients (Campari from Milan and Punt e Mas Vermouth from Turin). Soda was then added and the name of the drink changed to pay homage to Primo Carnera the first Italian (and non American) to win the world heavyweight championships in U.S.A. in 1933.

Ours was served with a classic style bitter, Berto from Italian producers Quaglia and Del professore Rosso vermouth created with the Jerry Thomas project in Rome. Served long in a highball, topped with soda and garnished with a lemon wheel.

In Italian ‘Sbagliato’ …

Where we've been shopping


Bristol Wood recycling project, St Philips
A timber yard and Woodshop that is manned by volunteers and stacked with reclaimed wood from Bristol and beyond. All the wood at the distillery is from the BWRP. I love the used scaffold boards.

Playfull Toyshop, Gloucester Road
A magical little toy shop specialising in wooden toys. A great place to pick up presents for small children. Their toys and books are obviously carefully selected and all great quality.

STÎL Homeware in Fox and Feather, Gloucester road.
We bought a couple of lamps from them recently, and spent ages browsing. They have a great selection of Scandi inspired stuff.


Brockley Stores
My favorite gin delivery is the one out to Brockley stores, I always come back with boot full of awesome goodies. Rob and his team are super friendly and have a great selection of fresh produce,…


We had several ideas for directions we thought this years Summer gin could go in. Previously Charun had used a nice hit of elderflower paired with burdock root and cherry wood chips. This year for inspiration we focused on seasonal produce from outside the UK as well. We all felt pomegranate seeds with their fruity sharp taste and use in cooking would be a good place to start. We wanted to add some floral and deeper green notes. We played with hyssop before deciding on heather flowers for their aroma and soft citrus notes. Fig leaf provided the deep green notes and also a creamy, nutty taste which for us played perfectly with the other botanicals.
As with all our gins this summer seasonal recipe is named after a Psychopomp. ‘Hathor’ is named after the ancient Egyptian goddess who was daughter of the sun god Ra, she is often known as the golden one. She is a Psychopomp that is particularly fond of women and fortune tellers and is thought to have protected women during childbirth. …

Q & A with our newest team member Matthew Keegan.

How long have you called bristol home? I’ve called Bristol home since 2012. Although I first moved here in 1994 then went on a 12 year working holiday to Brighton in 2000.
What do you love about it as a city? I love that there is, now, lots of really good independent bars, cafes, restaurants etc to spend my time in and work in... along with the usual trappings of a large city... galleries, museums, music venues and the like.
I also love that one can walk pretty much everywhere....even if it is up a cursed hill!
Where are your favourite places to eat? There are many places I like to eat, but if pushed I’d say that I very much like Cargo Cantina, for the nachos. Asado, for the burgers obvs, & Souk kitchen, for the everything.
Also pi shop pizzeria, for the “quality check”.
Where are your favourite places to drink? As far as drinking goes I’m a big fan of small and I have a very special relationship.
A special mention also goes to The Hare on north street, good beer …

Distillers Table - 'Bloody Mary'

We love a good Bloody Mary, especially with a hangover, and we do have the odd hangover. So we decided to have a special one off distillers table on a Sunday afternoon to showcase some of our favorite Bloody Mary variants.
We decided to go on a little world tour starting with the classic British Mary, then on to Japan for something a little funky and then finishing up in Mexico for a real pick me up. Should be enough to see off even the boldest of hangovers.
For the classic we went with Aqvavit for the booze because it makes a great Mary, the dill seed really lifts the drink. For the tomato we made a mix of juice and passata to make things nice and rich. Celery salt, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, lemon juice and black pepper to cover the classic must have elements. Then we added a splash of beetroot juice for depth and a color that pops. To finish we garnished with cucumber, pickles and agave glazed smokey bacon.
The Japanese twist got a little funky, we used our Japanese inspired g…