In our first full year of production we have released four very different spirits. All are based on different whole grain cereals with the exception of our Mixed Grain. We call each “Grain Spirit.”
Why not whisk(e)y?
Simple; it isn’t old enough yet. We have also produced a white rum but more on that in another post.

According to EU law a whisk(e)y is a spirit drink derived from the:

- distillation of a mash made from malted cereals with or without whole grains of other cereals, which has been:
saccharified by the diastase of the malt contained therein, with or without other natural enzymes,
fermented by the action of yeast;
- one or more distillations at less than 94.8% abv, so that the distillate has an aroma and taste derived from the raw materials used,
- maturation of the final distillate for at least three years in wooden casks not exceeding 700 litres capacity.

There’s a bit more regarding minimum alcoholic strength, the addition of alcohol and sweeteners but the last bit o…

'Monker's Garkel' the world's first AI gin

We launched the world's first AI gin in November, a collaboration between Circumstance Distillery, Tiny Giant and Rewrite digital. Here we ask Liam and 'Ginette' (the Artificial intelligence created to design the world's first AI gin) a few questions about the process.

First of all can you explain a little about ‘Artificial intelligence’

Artificial intelligence is using computers where human intelligence is normally required. The computer has the ability to acquire knowledge and apply it. AI is still in its infancy. Its not about to take over distilling spirits, let alone the world.

As a general definition, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to machines that can perform tasks that are beyond the human capabilities.
These machines are able to act intelligently and autonomously. These machines have no specific skills or mental capabilities but can learn and interact with the human environment by making connections to what the human has learned.

How did y…

Distillers Table 'Halloween'

The theme for our latest Distillers Table was ‘Halloween’. Like many other sessions before, we didn’t want to just create drinks using flavours that people expected. So we decided to also look at other death festivals from around the world and serve 3 drinks inspired by 3 different festivals.

#1 Halloween

We started close to home and the nearest to traditional Halloween flavours. Modern Halloween celebrations as we know it, are a mash up of lots of traditions from around the UK. We took our main inspiration from the Irish festival of ‘Samhain’ and the folk tale of ‘Stingy Jack’.

As the story goes, several centuries ago in Ireland, there lived a drunkard known as "Stingy Jack". Jack was known throughout the land as a deceiver, manipulator and an otherwise dreg of society. On a fateful night, Satan overheard the tale of Jack's evil deeds and silver tongue. Unconvinced (and envious) of the rumours, the devil went to find out for himself whether or not Jack lived up to his v…

What a difference a year makes!

51 weeks ago we opened the doors to Circumstance, to introduce the world
to a little project that had been several years in the making. We had
one hell of a party, over 200 people came to join us, Eatchu served up
some tasty dumplings and Messrs Scott and Keegan knocked out copious
amounts of gin and tonic from the makeshift pallet bar. We launched
C.D.T. (Circumstance Distillery Tokens) and some lucky customers got
their hands on some limited edition playing cards to mark the occasion.

Once we had sorted out the hangovers and cleaned up after the party, it
was time to get Circumstance fully up and running. Over the past year we
have had a whole lot of firsts, fermented our first mash, distilled our
first wash, filled our first casks and launched our first products. It
has been a super steep learning curve and it's been a hell of a lot of
fun! Time has flown by, but we have also managed to achieve a lot in 12
months. As well as releasing Barley, Cane and Mixed Grain we have been

Building a Bazaar not a Cathedral*

Both of our distilleries, Psychopomp Micro-distillery and Circumstance Distillery, run almost entirely on open-source software. It has been this way from the beginning . In fact, the philosophy of open source permeates most of what we do.    

The idea of ‘open source' originated in software and that is where the term is most familiar. In essence, software is open source when the source code is freely available. This means anyone can use, modify and re-distribute the software.

I have always been inspired by the open-source model for 4 principal reasons. 

The first reason is that there is nowhere to hide. If there is an error in the software, if it’s insecure, or contains malicious code, it can be found. The source code is freely available. This means open source projects are generally more trustworthy.

The second reason is that open-source projects are based on collaboration.. There is a recognition that the intelligence of the community is greater than that of any individual. Pro…

The Blog Off!

We started blogging a while back, but as a growing business there are seldom enough hours in the day or days in the week so things like blogs get pushed to the bottom of the to do list.

But, as a growing business things like social media and blog content are an important way of telling our story so we are going to try and get a bit more active. The team are going to take it in turns to get writing, so the next few blogs will hopefully be interesting, varied and give a little insight into the Psychopomp & Circumstance family and the things we get passionate about. Or it could just be the random incoherent waffling of five people who all happen to make booze together.

We are going first in first up, so Liam is up to bat, followed by Danny, Mark, Steph and Matt.

Happy reading.
Team Pomp

Trio of gin drinks

You will have noticed that we only serve three types of drinks in the distillery; Gin & tonic, Martini and Negroni. Its not just because we like to keep things simple (although we do) its because to us these are the holy trinity of gin drinks.

Gin and Tonic

Arguably the most popular way to drink gin and possibly the most famous booze pairing ever.
Everyone's recipe varies according to taste but in the distillery we serve ours: 50ml gin, 100ml tonic, in a tall glass with a long stick of ice and garnished with fresh citrus.

The history of the G&T really begins with British colonial India, when the British troops would mix their medicinal quinine with their gin ration to make it more palatable. The rise of the G&T as a drink can clearly be traced back to the early days of Queen Victoria and the return of the expatriates from the Indian colonies who had developed a love for the concoction.


Made with gin and vermouth, the Martini is arguably one of the most famous c…