What we are...

Watching: Binge watching Ru Paul's Drag Race!
Reading: Momofuku
Listening: Charles Bradley Black Velvet, such a great album.
Shopping: Brockley stores are doing a great click and collect service. Got eggs, fresh sourdough (East Bristol Bakery) and a veg box, all nice and local, got a cheeky pork pie too! Good social distancing practiced, paid online and it was ready for me to collect.
Drinking: Mostly tasty beers from Dan at Coffee&Beer. Notable highlight was "Home Over There" by Boxcar.

Watching: Westworld [season 2] {f**king amazing sci-fi}
Reading: Isaac Asimov - The caves of Steel {f**king amazing sci-fi}
Listening to: Radio 4 {not sci-fi}
Shopping: Degusta {delivered by Danny!}
Drinking: Circumstantial Mixed grain. Neat. Every night.

Watching: Better call Saul (from the start).
Reading: Time's Arrow.
Listening: Lots of 6 Music + David O'Doherty's isolating podcast.
Shopping: Been getting our fruit and veg through the box scheme, run through the community kitchen at the Tobacco factory. Also been buying a lot of bread (even for our house) through Mark's bread and East Bristol bakery.
Drinking: Not as much as I thought I would (yet) but Blanco tequila is something I've turned to a few times. Fortaleza specifically.

Watching: Spent an evening binge watching ‘this way up’ on 4OD. Sitcom/black comedy written by and staring Ashling Bea. Got my fingers crossed for a 2nd series.
Reading: ‘How to stop time’ by Matt Haig. A present that has sat on my bookshelves for far too long!
Listening: Re-listening to loads of episodes of ‘Films to be buried with’. Sort of desert island disks with films! Loads of great comedians interviewed so amusing as well as giving me extra film suggestions.
Shopping: Filthy XIII are delivering canned and bottled cocktails to your doorstep... no brainer!
Drinking: A few things...Living so close to The Greenman means we are lucky enough to be able to treat ourselves to delicious takeaway beer (in reusable containers). Vermouth and soda has been a tasty staple in my life for a long time and featuring heavily now. Plus ‘Freyja’ and tonic in the sunshine (on brand in my own garden!).

Watching: First series of NYPD blue and random films I haven’t seen in ages... most recently the first terminator.
Also, not sure if this qualifies, but a workout channel on youtube with coach Kozak & Claudia. They’re American but fortunately not the ridiculously over enthusiastic variety... my arms and legs ache quite a bit most of the time now.
Listening: I’ve been listening to Lauren on BBC6 in the morning & some old de la soul & DJ shadow albums/tunes.
Reading: Lots and lots of sites for recipes for bread/food in general, (& beer). Along with distillation material I have...Haven’t embarked on neuromacer yet... got that penciled in for later this weekend.
Shopping: Had some Arbor delivered... Rocketman & C Bomb... they were out of Shangri-la, alas. Putting together a Degusta order as we speak (and probably a Ruby & White tomorrow).
Drinking: Beer.


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