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We love mince pies, and we religiously eat them all through December at the distillery. We make it our mission to try mince pies from as many awesome Bristol independents as we can. This year we decided to take it a little more seriously and try to taste them all, it has been a tough job but someone had to do it. Here is a rundown of how things went, along with some of of our favorites.    The Pies we tried: The Bristol Loaf, Farro, Pearly King, East Bristol Bakery, Assembly bakery, Harts, Forrest Bakery (from Coffee & Beer), Pinkmans (from 25a Old Market), Marks bread, Bakers & Co, AhhToots, Brockley Stores. And here is what we thought: We are going to preface this with a note that all of these mince pies were awesome, we are not comparing supermarket pies here, the list is all thriller and no filler (or is that all thrilling with great filling) and you should go and eat all of them!  The Bristol Loaf - A real solid classic, nice chunky pastry, and quite a chunky size, good