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We love collaborating with other local independent producers in a variety of fields and like all other local chocoholics, we are massive fans of Zara’s Chocolates! We have previously been inspired by her products for ‘Distillers Table-CHOCOLATE’ and love tasting what the talented team create from each of our seasonal recipes throughout the year. Here Zara lets us behind the scenes on her process in creating the latest Spring Gin Truffle with ‘Freyja’. Process: On looking at the botanicals in the 'Freyja', and smelling the aromas, we immediately felt an urge to trial the gin with a frangipan style filling, to pair with the apricot and orange blossom notes. We felt like a lighter, sweeter take for Spring this time with our gin truffle, a change from our stronger boozy, fruity pairings we've done previously. Grinding up some freshly toasted almonds to make a smooth nut paste, we then paired this with a white chocolate, and some organic orange oil for a sweet frangipa