Where we've been shopping


Bristol Wood recycling project, St Philips
A timber yard and Woodshop that is manned by volunteers and stacked with reclaimed wood from Bristol and beyond. All the wood at the distillery is from the BWRP. I love the used scaffold boards.

Playfull Toyshop, Gloucester Road
A magical little toy shop specialising in wooden toys. A great place to pick up presents for small children. Their toys and books are obviously carefully selected and all great quality.

STÎL Homeware in Fox and Feather, Gloucester road.
We bought a couple of lamps from them recently, and spent ages browsing. They have a great selection of Scandi inspired stuff.


Brockley Stores
My favorite gin delivery is the one out to Brockley stores, I always come back with boot full of awesome goodies. Rob and his team are super friendly and have a great selection of fresh produce, serve a great coffee and make the most amazing pork pies in the whole world, and I'm from the north, so I know my pork pies.

Ruby and White
Recently made the move over to only eating high quality well sourced meat (which I should have done years ago!), and my weekly visits to Ruby and White are very enjoyable. Helpful super knowledgeable butchers mean that not only do I get banging cuts of meat but great tips on how to cook them. My steak game has dramatically improved.

Charity shops
This is a general theme more so than a specific shop, but I have long been a big fan of charity shopping! Reduces waste, extends the life of things that are in perfectly good nick, raises money for charity and I find some great bargains. Might be the cheap Northerner in me, or more that I couldn't imagine spending money on expensive clothes that could instead be spent on tasty booze, tacos and dumplings.


The Bristol Cheesemonger
The amount of tasty cheese from this region is not something I had appreciated. It is now fully appreciated thanks to Rosie and her chilly little shop on Whapping Wharf. Very hard to walk past on the way home.  

The Mighty Quinns
Not far from Rosie’s place is another tiny space. Walking past this little shop overflowing with well cared for plants and flowers is slowly turning our house different shades of green!

Tobacco Factory Sunday Market
There’s not one single stall to pick out here rather the whole collection on any given weekend. It has become a Sunday staple with the family to wander around for an hour or so.


Harts bakery
This place is the reason I’m always on time for trains from Temple meads. I’ll always head over early so I can get a coffee and probably too many of their baked goods for the journey (it’s too hard to just choose one!)

Bristol Sweetmart
I love this place, its like a treasure trove for food. I can waste a lot of time just wandering around the spice aisle trying to take in everything they have on offer. I also can’t resist swinging by their deli counter for a snack, the pakoras are my favourite. 

Riverside garden centre
Having moved to a flat with a garden at the beginning of the year this spring/summer has been all about plants for me and this is my favourite place to browse and shop. There is the biggest selection on offer and really reasonably priced too. Add to the fact the staff are super knowledgeable and happy to share their green-fingered expertise (and my garden is all the happier for it).


Better food
I just like to visit for the lovely chocolate section and beer fridge if I’m honest.

The Meat Box
Because I literally want to eat everything in there.

Anyone who has met me probably already knows i’m a big fan of sneakers and whenever I visit I like pretty much all the pairs these guys stock.


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