Distillers Table - 'Bloody Mary'

We love a good Bloody Mary, especially with a hangover, and we do have the odd hangover. So we decided to have a special one off distillers table on a Sunday afternoon to showcase some of our favorite Bloody Mary variants.

We decided to go on a little world tour starting with the classic British Mary, then on to Japan for something a little funky and then finishing up in Mexico for a real pick me up. Should be enough to see off even the boldest of hangovers.

For the classic we went with Aqvavit for the booze because it makes a great Mary, the dill seed really lifts the drink. For the tomato we made a mix of juice and passata to make things nice and rich. Celery salt, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, lemon juice and black pepper to cover the classic must have elements. Then we added a splash of beetroot juice for depth and a color that pops. To finish we garnished with cucumber, pickles and agave glazed smokey bacon.

The Japanese twist got a little funky, we used our Japanese inspired gin Kojin as the base, then added a touch of tomato juice, some Tonkatsu sauce (its like a cross between BBQ sauce and brown sauce but funkier), some aged rice wine and yuzu juice. Garnished with pickled ginger and wasbi peas.

Some of our team were down at the Cotham Hill Street Party serving g&ts with our friends Corks Of Cotham so we decided to serve the third drink outside Corks, so we handed everyone a Mini Bloody Mary Marathon number and set off walking. Once we arrived we served up the final drink, our Mexican Mary. We used Woden for the base, then we made a fresh juice of Tomatillos, coriander, jalapeño & lime for a fresh green Bloody Mary which we paired with chilli fried crickets and mer
guey worms.
We made sure everyone had a hangover at the start of the session, and pretty confident everyone was well and truly cured by the end!


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