Distiller's Table - 'Chocolate'

1. Brazil 66% -
With a waterfall of intense flavours, I find this chocolate can definitely divide opinions. Tones of unripe banana mingle with smoky, tobacco notes; finishing with fruity and acidic aromas that linger on the palate. This blend of beans from the Atlantic forests of Bahia, and the Amazon basin create a truly unique flavour profile.
With the Brazil we decided to go a bit off piste and make a pineapple punch to work with the tropical notes of the chocolate and showcase a more interesting take on chocolate pairing. We acidified the pineapple juice to bring a refreshing sharpness to the drink. The gin we used was our Spring gin Pinga for its bright chamomile notes to pair with the pineapple. To bring the chocolate back in to play we sweetened the punch with a dark malt syrup.

2. Dominican Republic 70% -
One of our most popular origins, using beans from the Cibao valley (one of the most Northern cocoa growing areas in the world). This chocolate is full of exotic and fruity green aromas, which are elevated by spices, wine, and olive notes to create an unusually tempting flavour profile.
With the Dominican we really enjoyed playing with the funky fermented notes and wanted to create somehting that really highlighted that. We made an Aqvavit sour with a lemon sherbet and and then finished it with a celery seed infuzed port.

3. Ghana 85% -
An aromatic chocolate, with a distinct cocoa and bitter flavour. Notes of roasted nuts and coconut develop during tasting, with a lighter, slightly floral aroma to finish. Our strongest sample in the group, it does back pack a cocoa punch, but the lengthy conching process ensures a clean and mellow finish, making it feel lighter than it is.
For the Ghana we wanted to play to the classic chocolate notes and the great coconut flavours. We made a gin and coconut flip using egg yolks for texture and then finished it with Wiper and True Milkshake stout to make something big that would stand up to the chocolate.

4. Gin and Grapefruit truffle -
On trialling Psychopomp’s Woden gin, we wanted to find a chocolate that wouldn’t completely overpower the subtle notes and flavours of the botanicals. We looked to a more fruity, acidic chocolate base, wanting to bring out the grapefruit citrus notes in the gin. One of our favourites, from the Madirifolo plantation in Madagascar did the job beautifully. Made from beans grown around Tamarind trees, this chocolate has a fruity character, and a lot of fresh sour and acidic notes. To further elevate the flavours, we created a grapefruit jelly to add an extra citrus hint, which paired with the gin truffle beautifully.
Where we’ve been eating
Team Pomp may be known for our love of booze, but we are also big food fans too. Here are a few places the team have been eating recently.
Urban Tandoor – I can’t believe I have only just discovered this place, what an awesome Indian restaurant. Have the soft shell crab it’s delicious.
Cargo Cantina – Tasty tacos, fresh and vibrant. Great place to pop in for a snack and a Tequila.
Ceres – Really tasty brunch menu and free BYO. We brought our own Bloody Marys, hangovers sorted.
Squeezed – Burgers, fries, lemonade – need I say more? Despite very close competition the best burgers in Bristol in my opinion. The burgers make me go back again and again, but its the freshly made lemonade that has turned my visits into a near weekly event.
Farro Bakery – Not technically a ‘place’ but they do supply lots of cafes in Bristol and have stalls at a number of markets. Maya buys their Caneles whenever she sees them – they are quite special.
Wings Diner at Small bar – Finally fried chicken done well. In fact its better than that, its really damn good and in one of the best beer bars in Bristol too.
Wilsons - Finally got around to booking a table and it was worth the wait. No pretence, no gimmicks this wonderful place is all about the food and little else.
Berthas Pizza - Their specials are worthy of worship, the standard menu never disappoints. Staff are friendly, service is quick and efficient and my kids love it. Also there’s always a few Moor beers on offer which is always a good thing.
Mark’s Bread - There is very good bread available in most corners of Bristol. Mark’s is in my corner and it is possibly my favourite place in the city. The bacon sarnies and poached eggs are banging if you’re sticking around in the morning and not rushing home to eat loads of bread.
Eatchu – I am always in the mood for dumplings and these are always my first choice. Order anything and everything off the menu, its all delicious. But make sure you don’t forget the rather special soy eggs!
Oowee – My hangover takeaway place. Nothing quite soothes the pain like their marmite and jack burger with waffles fries.
Sun Tavern ( Bethnal green, London) – I was visiting friends recently and made a stop into an old favourite of mine. Tasty beer, whiskey and cheese – yes please.
Bakers and co – For me its the one for brunch.
Dela – This place has a great open space and delicious Scandinavian food.
Hunter and sons (Bath) – When I’m having a break from Bristol I’ll pop in. Perfect for a snack and has an excellent beer selection.


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