Distiller's Table - 'Sherry'

Here at Psychopomp we love all categories of delicious booze, but we do have a few favorites, and Sherry is right up there! So distillers table sherry had to happen, and boy did it happen.
We decided to use the ever delicious sherries from Sanchez Romate, a great bodega knocking out some really great liquids. We went with three very different styles, kicking off with a crisp dry Fino, we then embraced the complex nutty notes of the Palo Cortado and finished up with the sweet sweet nectar that is Pedro Ximinez. We served each sherry along side a simple food pairing and created cocktails to showcase the how versatile these wines are. Here is what we served:
Fino + roasted almonds
30ml Pinga gin (chamomile, lemon balm & bee pollen)
20ml Sanchez Romate Fino
25ml fresh grapefruit juice
75ml fever tree Mediterranean tonic
Palo Cortado + jamon
40ml Ox gin (black truffle, thyme & lemon zest)
20ml Sanchez Romate Palo Cortado
10ml Cucumber & pomello shrub
3ml Quince & Riesling bitters
Pedro Ximinez + vanilla ice cream
25ml Sanchez Romate Pedro Ximinez
25ml Single Origin Coffee Digestif
25ml Coconut water
So many tasty things, we very much enjoyed making and drinking them all. Next up Chocolate on the seventh of April, we have chosen the chocolates and drink development is well underway!


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