We had several ideas for directions we thought this years Summer gin could go in. Previously Charun had used a nice hit of elderflower paired with burdock root and cherry wood chips.
This year for inspiration we focused on seasonal produce from outside the UK as well. We all felt pomegranate seeds with their fruity sharp taste and use in cooking would be a good place to start. We wanted to add some floral and deeper green notes. We played with hyssop before deciding on heather flowers for their aroma and soft citrus notes. Fig leaf provided the deep green notes and also a creamy, nutty taste which for us played perfectly with the other botanicals.

As with all our gins this summer seasonal recipe is named after a Psychopomp. ‘Hathor’ is named after the ancient Egyptian goddess who was daughter of the sun god Ra, she is often known as the golden one.
She is a Psychopomp that is particularly fond of women and fortune tellers and is thought to have protected women during childbirth. It is said though that anyone can call upon Hathor for guidance, especially when offering beer and pomegranate juice in return!

Juniper berries
Coriander seeds
Angelica root
Cassia bark
Pomegranate seeds
Fig leaf
Heather flowers
Lemon zest.


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