Q & A with our newest team member Matthew Keegan.

How long have you called bristol home?
I’ve called Bristol home since 2012. Although I first moved here in 1994 then went on a 12 year working holiday to Brighton in 2000.

What do you love about it as a city?
I love that there is, now, lots of really good independent bars, cafes, restaurants etc to spend my time in and work in... along with the usual trappings of a large city... galleries, museums, music venues and the like.
I also love that one can walk pretty much everywhere....even if it is up a cursed hill!

Where are your favourite places to eat?
There are many places I like to eat, but if pushed I’d say that I very much like Cargo Cantina, for the nachos. Asado, for the burgers obvs, & Souk kitchen, for the everything.
Also pi shop pizzeria, for the “quality check”.

Where are your favourite places to drink?
As far as drinking goes I’m a big fan of small bar...beer and I have a very special relationship.
A special mention also goes to The Hare on north street, good beer and I very much like the outside area.
Where might people have seen you making drinks before?
Well... being as I am of slightly advanced years and have spent my adult life tending bar the list is ridiculously long. Latest and “greatest” hits would be Milk Thistle, Bambalan, and Pi shop pizzeria.

Do you have a signature drink?
I am of the belief that the Manhattan is the greatest mixed drink of all time, bar none. I’m told I make rather good ones. Other than that, these days it’s usually whatever is hovering around 4% abv from LHG, Arbor, or Moor. As Al Pacino’s character in Carlito’s way says “ you can’t sprint all the way .

Tell us something we might not already know about you?
My birthday is the same day as the recently knighted football legend that is Kenny Dalglish.


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